All you need to know about Mukesh Ambani’s soon-to-be son-in-law, Anand Piramal

Anand Piramal is engaged to Mukesh Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani.  The 33-year-old currently holds the position of Executive Director of the Piramal Group.

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Anand Piramal is the son of billionaire businessman Ajaj Piramal of Piramal Enterprises. A Harvard Business School graduate, the 33-year-old currently holds the position of Executive Director of the Piramal Group. He got engaged to Isha Ambani who is Mukesh Ambani's daughter.

A brief bio on the Piramal Enterprises website states that Anand looks after the group’s real estate interests and is actively involved in its strategic and development affairs.

Prior to joining the Piramal Group, Anand founded ‘Piramal eSwasthya’, a startup, with the vision to facilitate access to affordable healthcare to the average Indian. The Pairmal Group scion has also earned the distinction of having been the youngest  President of the Indian Merchant Chamber — Youth Wing. Anand also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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After launching his healthcare project, Anand started off with his second venture, Piramal Realty. It is a start-up that dabbles in real estate. Both are now a part of $4 billion company, Parimal Enterprises which is run by the family itself.

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Anand had recently thanked Mukesh Ambani for pushing him to become an entrepreneur. Speaking at an event in Mumbai, the 33-year-old said: “I asked him, whether I should get into consulting or banking?”

“He told me, ‘Being a consultant is like watching cricket or commentating about cricket, while being an entrepreneur is like playing cricket. You can’t learn how to play cricket by commentating. If you want to do something, be an entrepreneur in the long term and start now’.”

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