All You Need To Know About 11th July Which Is Celebrated As World Population Day

11th July was declared as World Population Day in the year 1989 by the United Nations and since then this day is celebrated every year on this date.

The UN recognizes World Population as an important aspect to create awareness among the masses across the globe.

Theme for World Popular Day 2018:

This year World Population day will run on the theme "Family Planning is a Human right".

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The aim of World Population Day:

It’s been three decades since this day has been recognized and celebrated and is aiming to make the masses aware of the overpopulation, underpopulation and birth control.

The world population is currently around 7 billion. As per the reports of UN, it is rapidly growing adding a whopping 83 million people every year.

In a message published on the UNFPA website to celebrate the World Population Day, the organization called for the government to "fulfil their commitments to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health care", as agreed at the 1994 international conference on population.

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The United Nations has listed down 9 standards to uphold the human rights to family planning which are as follows:

Family planning info and services can't be limited based on race, sex, language, religion, political affiliation, national origin, age, economic status, place of residence, disability status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Every country must make sure that all necessary things for family planning are available for everyone.

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Countries must ensure that family planning commodities and services are accessible to everyone.

Contraceptive services and information must be provided in a proper way, respecting both modern medical ethics and the cultures.

Right family planning information must be given to the people with accurate communication.

Every person must be empowered to make reproductive choices without any pressure or misrepresentation.

Every individual must have the right to privacy when seeking family planning information and services.

Countries have an obligation to ensure the active and informed participation of individuals in decisions that affect them, including health issues.

Health systems, education systems, leaders and policymakers must be accountable to the people they serve in all efforts to realize the human right to family planning.

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