Akanksha Puri finally opens up about the payment controversy of her ex Paras Chhabra with his Bigg Boss 13 stylist

Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri have been trending in the news for quite some time. After their breakup, the relationship has become quite sour. They have been slamming each other back to back. Now, after Paras was accused of not paying his BB13 designers on the social media, he defended himself on SpotboyE.com. After this incident, Akanksha Puri couldn’t see all this happening with those two designer girls and got her claws out. An entire conversation of Akanksha has been given out on this article:

When asked her about Paras returning her the money which she has given to the designers on his behalf, she said, ''Look, if this is about those designers Taashi & Co, I don't want to talk about it. Since you insist, I shall. And since injustice has been meted out to two young and innocent girls, I shall. Paras has swindled them.''

Despite being a barter deal, Paras says he will give back Akanksha's 1 lakh rupees. On this, she said, ''I suggest that he should rather give that 1 lakh to them. By the way, kya main pagal hoon that I will pay from my pocket on something that's a barter deal? Kya mere paas itne paise aa gaye hain?''

Paras also said that clothes given to him were no good and tight. Akanksha replied, ''What a joke! I saw him wearing their clothes and shoes in most episodes and I am told by those girls he even recommended them to some of his inmates. If they're lying and Paras is saying the truth that their clothes were not good, would he have put in the good word?''

''Some of his inmates were even seen wearing the clothes sent by Paras' designers. Woh kaafi baant bhi raha tha andar. And please let me tell you, everything that was happening on this front was with his mother's consent. I always took her permission for every financial thing. She knew about every financial transaction'', Akanksha added.

Last question asked from her was, ''Paras said that others were paying Rs. 30k to their designers whereas these two designers charged Rs. 50k.'' On this, Akanksha replied, ''How would I know how much was Mahira paying and how many outfits were being delivered to her in 30k? Taashi & Co were sending him unlimited stuff, and mind you, they went out of their way. Get the count of stuff sent by them.''

by Nikita Kukreja | Thu, Mar 19 - 02:45 PM

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