With The Help Of Airline Crew, Nagpur Man Proposes His Girlfriend In Filmy Style On Goa Flight

Gone are those days when you would simply ask your lover to get married to you. These days, people look out for creative ways to propose their lover for marriage. They are ready to go an extra mile to make each other feel special. We often come across people proposing each other underwater or sometimes high above in the sky. This time, an Indian man proposed his girlfriend on a flight to Goa.

Narendra Anandani hails from Nagpur. His girlfriend was travelling to Goa from Indore. Narendra decided to go to Indore and take the same flight where he would propose her. His girlfriend was unaware that he is on-board the same flight to Goa. After getting  into the flight, Narendra used the in-flight intercom to reveal himself. As she heard him, she stood up from her seat and walked towards him. Narendra then went on his knees with a rose in his hand. The girl was surprised, excited and blushing at the same time.

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After she turned around, she saw the airline crew standing with playcards in their hand that read, "Will You Marry Me?" Everyone else on the flight started clapping thereafter.

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Airport director Aryama Sanyal said, “Indigo airlines staff sprang to action and helped him propose in corridor of aero-bridge and inside aircraft.”

Well, this was one hell of a dream proposal. Who can say no after getting such a creative proposal. The girl was literally and emotionally up in the air. The best part? well, they must have had an amazing time in Goa thereafter!

We hope the boys out there are reading this!

by Admin | Sun, Sep 16 - 11:22 AM

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