After Sanju’s supreme success, Sanjay Dutt’s life to be showcased via 3-part web series

The Bollywood movie Sanju based on the life of super star Sanjay Dut is one of the most victorious movies of 2018.  Helmed by ace personality Rajkumar Hirani, the Ranbir Kapoor starrer has done positive business and set a new record. The flick has been creating waves crosswise Indian as well as global box-offices.

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The Sanjay Dutt’s biographical movie proved to be really victorious because of Ranbir’s unique acting and Sanju Baba’s controversial life tale.

At the present, buzz has it that the actor’s life will be showcased in a three-part web series.

According per a report, a global digital streaming platform has contacted Sanjay Dutt’s production house to create a 3 part show on his life.

As per the source, "With the movie, people got a glimpse into the journey that Sanju has had. The idea behind the web series is to make a show on a big scale, which will give an insight into the more hard-hitting aspects of his life. It can bring into focus the nuanced details of everything that actually went into making him the Sanjay Dutt that we see today.”

A lot of people have thought that it’s more of a Rajkumar Hirani movie than a biographical movie on Sanjay Dutt as his life history and affiliations have been showcased with rose-tinged glasses.

There have been reports also of the actor having other best pals other than Paresh Ghelani (named Kamli and donned by Vicky Kaushal in the film) who have been ignored in the flick, Sanju.

Therefore, if the reports are to be factual then the viewers might get a chance to witness several other facets of Sanjay Dutt’s life that Rajkumar Hirani failed to showcase in the flick, Sanju.

We wonder what episodes from Sanjay's controversial life will make it to the web series. Are you eager for the same?

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 31 - 03:19 PM

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