After Hard Work, This 25-YO Bangalore Rag-picker Is All Set To Become A Triumphant Dancer

Bengaluru boy Anand Dhanakoti, who belongs to the slum area of Ragigudda, commenced his life as a ragpicker and 14 years of forceful training in traditional ballet and jazz is now going to abroad.

Yes, the hard working guy has bagged a scholarship at the Contemporary School of Dance, Hamburg, Germany, and at this time, he is hoping to complete his three-year degree programme via a crowdfunding endeavour by means of

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Around 50 individuals have already made a contribution of around Rs 4.8 lakh, but he needs Rs 9.5 lakh to make payment of his tuition charge, project payment, tickets, housing as well as food expenditures.

The 25-year-old boy took birth to K Dhanakoti, a coconut vendor, and Anjala D, a domestic help. When Anand was studying in 3rd standard, the 7 YO was forced to give up studies.

After quitting the school, he used up 4 years of his life picking rags, working as a motorbike mechanic, as an attendant in hotels and aiding his dad cut tender coconuts to earn their bread and butter. At the age of 11, he came to know about the Born Free Arts School.

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“I was always fascinated with drums and rhythm. They taught me how to play dhamti — the drum used for funeral processions. It’s ironic that as a child I was paid for street dances and now I’m being paid for professional appearances at live shows,” said Anand.

One year into his studies at the school, ballet dancer and founder of the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet Yana Lewis gave a performance — which enraptured Anand. “I was caught up in the music, dance, spirit and energy of her performance. And that’s how my journey into the world of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance started,” he stated.

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Elina Wisung, a teacher at Lewis Foundation, said that he was a great performer when he was just 12.

“He has outstanding talent and brought so much energy and passion. We knew even then that this kid was destined for bigger things,” says Elina.

“For a ballet dancer, foot flexibility is important. Anand had flat feet, which would have been great for football but not for classical dance. So he had to work twice as hard as his classmates to get to the professional level,” she added.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jun 08 - 12:47 PM

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