Priyanka equals Deepika, becomes the highest paid actress with ‘Bharat’, charged Rs 12 Crores

The two most celebrated actresses of Bollywood 'Priyanka Chopra' and 'Deepika Padukone' are making India proud by representing the country on a global platform. Both the divas are in demand by the filmmakers. It was reported that Deepika charged around 12 crores for  'Padmavat' which was more than the amount paid to co-actors 'Ranveer Singh' and 'Shahid Kapoor'. This made her the highest paid actress in the industry but now PeeCee is giving her a tough competition. Priyanka who is now a well known international celeb, initially demanded 'RS 14 crores' for 'Bharat' but the final settlement is done on 'RS 12 Crore' and this has made PeeCee and Deepika the highest paid actresses in the country.

Priyanka spoke about the pay disparity to a leading magazine "I feel it every year, especially when you’re doing movies with really big actors, whether it’s in India or America. If an actor is getting 100 bucks, the conversation will start with max, like, 8 bucks. The gap is that staggering. In America, we don’t talk about it as brashly, whereas in India the issue is not skirted around."

"I've been told straight up, if it's a female role in a movie with big, male actors attached, your worth is not really considered as much. It happens in both countries, it's just that here, it's hidden behind other things. In America, everyone is so worried about being liable that they don't want to say anything wrong, but they end up doing it anyway" she further added.

She also spoke about her upcoming movies "I've finished up two films: A Kid Like Jake, which comes out in June. And Isn’t it Romantic?, which comes out Valentine’s Day 2019. I play a spoiled rich woman who is a yoga guru, which is not a thing. Bharat is the Indian movie I signed this year. It's the quintessential Bollywood movie, which I haven’t done in many years. A lot of them were dramatic and thematic. This one's going to be out and out entertainment. I’m excited! I haven't been back to do a movie in two or three years now.'

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