After Chandrayaan-2, India to Begin Deep Ocean Mining Project ‘Samudrayaan’

India is currently at a rapid pace in undertaking major developments across different fields. In the month of August, the Indian Space Research Organization has successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 into space. It has even released few pictures of the craters on the surface of the moon after its landing in the space. The research center is also planning to commence Gaganyaan soon. Now, India is aiming to send men into the deep sea in a submersible vehicle probably in 2021-22. 

The name of this upcoming project is 'Samudrayaan', as per the report from the officials. As per the report, this project intends to send a submersible vehicle alongside 3 persons into the ocean in order to carry out deep underwater studies. The vehicle will get inside the ocean with a depth of about 6000 meters. The Director of National Institute of Ocean Technology [NIOT] namely MA Atmanand informed about this officially.

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The major components of this mission are underwater robotics and manned submersibles. This project will assist India by knowing different living and non-living [water, mineral, and energy] resources from the seabed and deep water. He further said this vehicle has been developed in a domestic manner. It is capable of crawling on the sea bed at a depth of 6 Km for about 72 hours.

MA Atmanand said, 'Similar to ISRO's plan to carry persons on a space mission, NIOT has undertaken Samudrayaan. The Rs. 200-crore project proposes to carry three persons in a submersible vehicle to a depth of 6,000 meters undersea. Submarines go only about 200 meters.' With this project, India is intended to join the league of other developed nations across the world in the exploration of minerals from oceans.

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According to the report, the ministry gave a hint that the mission would be a long-term exploration exercise. The cost of this project might range between Rs. 8000 Crore and Rs. 10000 Crore in the subsequent 5 years. The Samudrayaan project is a segment of the Ministry of Earth Sciences' pilot project that carries out deep ocean mining for exploring rare minerals.

by Neetu Panwar | Mon, Sep 02 - 01:53 PM

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