After Chai pi lo aunty, another kid is ruling the web

At the present time, a cute kid is ruling the web.

Yes, a special video featuring a cute baby asking people to drink water has gathered many eyeballs.

The kid has imitated Mahawar in the video. The kid said, hello fraands, Pani pi lo” in a funny way is too adorable.

Did you remember Mahawar?

A female asking her “fraands” to enjoy tea must have consistently cropped up on your social platform feed have been ruling the web space for more than two months.

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Somvati Mahawar, who looks at the camera and speaks the straightforward line, has turned out to be the queen of memes. In addition, she is currently being named the “chai wali aunty” by the web users.

“Hello fraands … chai pi lo ... Garam hai,” she smoothly said in the self-shot video recording that primarily hit the web during the month of May.

At the moment, there are hoards of memes and comic stories encouraged by Mahawar’s “chai pi lo” appeal floating all over the internet.

Mumbai Police officials, renowned for their bold tweets, kept their ritual active by tapping on social platform’s viral content and making it a lesson.

“Hello Fraaands! Helmet pehan lo... to have a Safe-Tea at home!” the force tweeted on June 13.

The tweet bagged more than 3,200 shares and 8209 likes.

Amazingly, Mahawar’s recognition is not restricted to her own country, India.

US-based Ben Stern shared a 10-second clip on the social networking site, Facebook on June 14, copying Mahawar’s now prominent line. The 33-year-old’s satire gathered more than 1,500 likes and got shared by 2,900 people on the social media site.

Ben Stern did not just stop at one videotape The graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School shared four more short clips, mocking Mahawar.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jul 06 - 05:10 PM

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