After 3 severe surgeries, Anaya, the dog, proves miracles can happen

On March 13 morning, a human being saw a dog which was critically hurt on the busy pathways of the Mahalaxmi railway station in the city of Mumbai. At once, the person contacted the Welfare of Stray Dogs, a Mumbai-based NGO in Mumbai.

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Gunjan Singh, a field assistant manager with Welfare of Stray Dogs, answered the call and reached the spot at one and she was really shocked after witnessing the complete situation. The front legs of the dog named Anaya got injured badly and Gunjan comprehended that Anaya bled all through the night. She took the dog to the Bombay Veterinary College situated in Parel. Anaya went through a surgery carried out by Dr Tanaya Pai, a surgical student, under the supervision of Dr DU Lokhande and Dr GS Khandekar. Dr DU is the head of the Department of Surgery and Radiology.

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In the urgent surgical operation conducted on Anaya, one of the dogs severely injured forelegs and they got it surgically removed. The medical experts came across a hurdle—a burst bladder.

The experts came to know that it was the hurtful episode, together with the concerns, which surfaced when Anaya was being taken to the hospital that made her bladder to explode. One more surgical operation got conducted, and after 8-10 days, the medical experts removed the Anaya’s other foreleg.

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As per Dr Pai, dogs who lost both forelegs, need incessant and devoted care. Gunjan remained with dog all the time in the hospital each day and even shifted the dog to a special bed with the intention that she wouldn’t get bedsores.

After that, the medical experts made their minds to aid Anaya so that she can move on her own yet again. Prosthetics could not be the solution as the dog had already lost a joint in her forelegs in the mishap, and with no carts to replace the forelimbs; the specialists set up a PVC model.

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The dog’s physical condition showed continuous improvement, and Singh commenced looking for adopters, ultimately zeroing on a buddy—a freelance expert—who resides happily with two other dogs and is dedicated to care them.

Akshata Pembhre, who resides in South Mumbai, got the cute Anaya after the dog had spent almost 56 days in the hospital.

Singh visits her friend on a regular basis and is contented with the improvement Anaya has shown.

At the present time, Anaya walks on her hind legs, and boldly walks on her own.

It took three surgical operations, however 7-year-old dog has fortunately found a caring owner and place.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 11 - 12:59 PM

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