‘Antilia’, Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai Home: Mesmerizing truths about the spectacular family mansion

Mukesh Ambani’s Altamount Road house is a 40 storey wonder imitating the entrepreneur family’s inheritance of prosperity and victory in the biz world.

Named after the legendary isle “Antilia” in the Atlantic Ocean, this towering wonder was proposed by the Chicago based company Perkins and Will in association with Leighton Holdings, a renowned Australian construction firm.

Some vital facts about this much talked-about mansion are as follows -

Situated in one of the costliest neighborhoods of the world, the 400,000 square foot Ambani home is worth around 2 billion dollars.

Planned by a prize winning architectural company and carried out by a sub-par construction group, this big building can endure an tremor of 8 magnitude. Boasting of 27 livable floors that is equal to 40 storeys owing to their exceptionally high ceilings, the Ambani house has more than 600 staff members to maintain it.

Unfurling as a structure of incredible services, the super special abode boasts of resources and facilities exceeding realms of actuality. The structure is not just prepared with a personal film hall having a seating capacity of 50, it also has a complete salon, a rooftop area for helicopters, a mega-temple and a special ice cream parlor.

With more than six floors devoted to the family’s diverse car collection, the Ambani house has top-notch 5-crore Maybach and 168 other enthralling vehicles. In addition, the 7th floor of the house is devoted to a personal care service station for the businessman’s host of cars. The edifice also comes endowed with 9 speedy elevators zapping via its huge floors.

Though profoundly air conditioned from all sides, the mansion is overhauled with an additional incredible quirk. Releasing artificial snow buntings from its ceiling, the house’s snow room offers Ambani family with a comforting relief from the high temperature and dampness.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, May 24 - 07:37 AM

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