Adorable ‘Hand shake’ between a Seal and a human, is going viral

A cute and playful seal approaches Ben Burville and holds his hands, it seems she wanted to shake hands with him.


A seal is seen 'shaking hands'  with a scuba diver in an adorable video that was recorded off the coast of Northumberland in England. The video highlights Ben Burville, a doctor and an underwater cameraman, playing and interacting with the seal.


In the video shared on YouTube on Tuesday, the fun-loving grey seal approaches Mr. Burville and seems to hold his hand.

"To those who may be critical of any contact, please understand that the seal is 100% in control of any underwater experiences," Mr. Burville said while sharing this adorable video.


The seal even remains back to appreciate a couple of pets - something that has caused the social media to go "aww


It's not the first time that Ben Burville has shaken hands with a seal. As per Fox News, he has been interacting, observing and capturing grey seals for around 20 years.


"The front flippers of the seal can grasp much like a human hand," Mr. Burville composed very nearly six years back while sharing a similar video of a seal holding his hand on YouTube.


While Mr. Burville loves to make contacts with seals and even compares them to underwater dogs, he cautions other scuba divers against contacting them. He brings up that they have really powerful jaws and sharp teeth that can go bad.


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by Lokendra Sharma | Wed, Jul 31 - 01:51 PM

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