Sony spent $2 Million and 70,000 liters of environmentally-friendly paint for their Bravia’s LCD Ad

These days advertisements are more like short films and some of them come with a message. Big marketing companies are doing their best for the product selling with their creativity level.

A Sony's Bravia AD is at the best level of creativity which features an array of 4,000 white balloons bursting with multicolored glitter to show off the television's mastery and capability. The ad, which launches across the UK and the rest of Europe, uses a mixture of drones and handheld video cameras and was shot in ultra-high definition 4K.

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American director Andre Stringer shot this new AD which is created by DDB Berlin used 4,000 balloons and 1,500 kg of glitter.

The AD starts with the visual of Different colored paint are fired all over a uniformed looking building, in the style of an orchestrated firework show. A clown with orange hair runs through the estate, setting off a climax in which a tower block has a "reverse demolition" as paint explodes all the way to the top, resulting in a delicious sounding rain of paint.

Have a look:

This AD is made to increase the sales Bravia LCD with a core message of: "More Brilliance. More Beauty". Sony spent $2 Million and 70,000 liters of environmentally-friendly paint for its 1-minute of an extraordinary commercial. It was the most expensive commercial at the time of its release! 

Shuhei Sugihara, head of the brand and product communication for Sony Europe, said: "Whether through our products or through our marketing, our company’s philosophy is to satisfy people’s curiosity.

This ad took the inspiration from Sony's one of a major event was of their Balls advert. On this, the head of Sony says "Our new TV commercial continues Bravia’s legacy of adverts. From balls, bunnies and flower petals to balloons and glitter – Sony has always used striking color and visual beauty to showcase its range of televisions. The creative direction of this footage was based on the same idea and we hope viewers truly feel something from this beautiful image, which uses a million glittery details to truly demonstrate the difference our 4K HDR TVs provide in terms of color, contrast, and detail."

by Soniya Kaur | Sat, Aug 11 - 01:23 PM

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