A Sand Strip Divides The Sea Into Two Halves After Heavy Rains In Kerala

Kerala faced a really tough time this year as the city witnessed the heaviest rains which almost submerged the entire city underwater, taking the lives of thousands of people and making them homeless. Well, the condition was pretty bad then but now, people from all over the country are lending their helping hand to the city by providing food, water, clothes, medicines, and many other valuables.

And now, something amusing happened in one of the cities of Kerala which took everyone by surprise. The locals of Ponnani in Kerala's Malappuram witnessed a new island-like structure surfacing along their beach. The narrow sand strip which is well over half a kilometer long has literally split the sea into two. This is indeed a natural phenomenon and everyone was surprised to see it.

Take a look at the picture here:

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This has really gained a lot of attraction among the locals as well as the tourists and people actually visit here to take a long walk on the sand strip. While tourists continue to flock to catch a glimpse of it, authorities have warned that the sand strip could be washed away in the case of a high tide.

Here's the video surfacing on the social media:


Many say that the sand which was swept away from the Bharathapuzha has got deposited in Ponnani due to which this is formed.

Well, it's a natural phenomenon and people are still wondering how did it happen. Well, till the mystery unveils, people are enjoying a walk on this making it a memorable experience.


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