A 70-year-old Karnataka Man Refused To Leave His Dogs Behind In Problem

When you have a pet, you love them and treat them as your family member. So, how can you leave them behind in problematic time! The same love for his pet has been showed by an old man from Karnataka. Ingallalli village, Dharwad district, Karnataka was hit by rain water and when a rescue team was being run in the village, a 70-year-old man requested to take his dogs with him.

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The rescue team accepted his request and allowed him to take his dog with him. The old man's name is Hanumantappa Nalude. The rescue team rescued him and other ten construction workers from the rain water hit Ingalalli village near Navalagund. He carried his two dogs with him from the village.

Talking about his dogs, Hanumantappa said, “As the water rose I took shelter inside the earth mover along with one of my dogs. I was preparing for the food in the shelter but the water started gushing inside suddenly.” Both the dogs grew up at his home and he could not think of leaving them behind, he said.

The old man works as a watchman at a construction site. It was constructing a bridge across Bennihalla stream. The district administration had alerted the construction workers after the water levels at the stream had been rising for sometime. But, the worker ignored the warning and went to work. However, the water levels had risen so high that the workers could not cross to safety.

The man deserves respect as when he could have left the dogs, but he chose not to leave his pet dogs behind.

Last year in August, a Kerala woman refused to leave her house without her 25 dogs. The woman named Sunitha, was found by rescuers in Thriss but when rescue team tried to save her, she refused to leave her house unless her dogs, all strays were taken too.

Along with Sally Varma of Humane Society International an animal welfare group arrived for a last-gasp rescue. "She sent back volunteers and rescue officials because they said they could not evacuate her dogs," she said.

"She was just not willing to leave her dogs behind. She then managed to get in touch with us. "When the rescue team reached her house, it was completely filled with rain and the dogs were huddled on beds," Ms Varma added.

by Mamatha Reddy | Mon, Aug 12 - 01:18 PM

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