9 Times Bollywood Biggies Got Caught In Awkward Situations

In this piece of writing, we have created a list of 9 embarrassing situations (caught on camera) from our much-loved Bollywood biggies, when they got clicked in acts that can just be termed as awkward situations.

Here’s the list -

Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant

This was undoubtedly one of the most debatable topics that remained in the news for a very long time. Mika Singh kissed Rakhi Sawant without her permission at his birthday bash and this resulted into controversy all over the country.

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Siddharth Mallya and Katrina Kaif

It is already known that Siddharth Mallya is a womanizer. But what was Sid wishing for or thinking while embracing Kat? Junior Mallya’s hands turned towards the direction somewhere they shouldn’t have!

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Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt

While promoting the film, Varun Dhawan lifted his co-actress Alia Bhatt and the outcome was rather uncomfortable. The pics showcased Alia’s undergarment and unquestionably, the picture will get imprinted in the viewers’ minds for a long time.

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Rani Mukerji and Katrina Kaif

Rani Mukerji is a calm, soft-spoken and sweet and Kat’s dignity is well-known. On one event though, Katrina turned over-friendly with Rani Mukerji it seems.

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Anil Kapoor and Anu Malik

When the two Bollywood biggies Anil Kapoor and Anu Malik met at an occasion, the two hugged each other, but accidentally the two finished up kissing each other as well!

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Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat

During the promotion of a flick, Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat posed differently as they worn one single t-shirt. At the moment, the two must be uncomfortable after seeing their pics.

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Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

This shocking moment remained in headlines for quite some time. Reminisce that occasion when Twinkle Khanna open her hubby’s zip (pant’s zip) in the presence of others? Yes, the two must be sorry for that at the present!

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Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif; Aamir Khan and Rakhi Sawant

Mr Perfectionist got clicked looking at some place he shouldn’t have been with Rakhi Sawant and Katrina Kaif, we are pretty sure he’s really feeling sorry for this.

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Siddharth Mallya and Deepika Padukone

When Siddharth Mallya and Deepika Padukone were in a relationship, they got clicked in uncomfortable instants many times.

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Have you ever faced an incident or were you ever clicked in an awkward moment?

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 25 - 05:03 PM

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