9 Strange Food Customs From Around The Globe You Could Lose Your Craving Over

Different nations have different cultures, foods, habits, and rituals. People love to learn about different rules, habits, customs, and restrictions of a particular place when they visit it.

We have created a list of 9 such places where you have to prepare yourself to start eating anything and keep the rules in mind. Check out the list –

  1. Too uncomfortable to burp? But, not when you are in the Chinese zone.

In China, if you burp after food, it means you loved the food and praised the chef who made the food.

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  1. Want to slurp while having noodles? Go to Japan

When you are in Japan and having noodles or soup, then you have to slurp. Slurping in Japan means you loved the meal.

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  1. Keep your forks and knives ready when visiting Chile.

When you are in Chile, you need not eat any type of food with your hands. Yes, you have to eat fries with spoon or fork.

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  1. This custom is sacred.

When you are in Russia, you always have to accept the Vodka that will be offered to you. If you accept it, it means you are ready to don friendship. Adding ice to the drink means polluting the drink. That’s why you have to enjoy it neat.

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  1. This kinda makes sense.

When you are in Middle-East, you have to eat food with the help of your right hand. Don’t make use of your left hand as it is linked to other bodily functions.

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  1. Ever tried this?

When you are in France, you can keep your bread on the table. It is sensible even to do this.

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  1. When in Italy, don't ask for cheese.

In Italy, do not demand extra parmesan for your pizza. You can not ask for more parmesan till the time they offer you themselves.

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  1. Don't worry, the taste is usually perfect.

In Portugal, it is said to be bad mannered and rude for the chef, if you demand salt and pepper after you get your food served.

  1. Need to get your fork game on point before a visit here.

In Thailand, you can make use of your fork just to push your food item to the spoon. Putting a fork in the mouth is considered rude in Thailand.

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Aren't these customs very funny?

by Vijay Singh | Sat, May 26 - 05:43 PM

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