8 manners of Indian relatives that irritate us the most

Have you ever questioned, what annoyed us as Indian children the most?

The so-called aunties and uncles. Well, our alleged caretakers, relatives!


They keep entering into our lives and wish to know all things from our scores to marriage proposals and what not.

So, let's look at the ways our relatives poke us

  1. When you were born

You make an entry into the world and hardly take your first intake of oxygen in this maddening place. Your relatives make a decision if you wish to be an engineer, physician or a legal representative.

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  1. Social gatherings

When you are busy in skylarking, seeing girls and boys to flirt with, these family members are actively discussing your profession. "Beta, Engineering kar rahe ho?"

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And they begin giving big advises about your future. Such bugbear relatives must be banished by an administration, don't you believe?

3. Facebook posts

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4. College placements

Be it a wedding or any bash, our objective is to enjoy good food. And when you are enjoying your favourite shahi paneer and naan, your relatives come at once and start asking about college placements.

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  1. Examination outcomes

Your far-away aunts and uncles won't remember you on your birthday. But on your result day, your handset wouldn't stop shouting. And once you announce your grades, they begin comparing you with all people you know.

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  1. Marriage proposals

And when you get a decent job; their next objective is to get married.

"Beta, abh to shaadi karlo?" And after that, starts the search for the young man on popular matrimonial sites.

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  1. Phone calls

This takes place when you by chance and unluckily take your aunt's phone who wished to speak to your mom but caught you.

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  1. Family planning

Once you get married, relatives get more concerned about knowing about your family planning. They wish to get acquainted if and when you are going to plan a baby and many other things linked to the same matter!

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Well, do you have such relatives too?

by Vijay Singh | Thu, May 10 - 05:41 PM

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