7 Things Could Have Happened If French Ruled India And Not The British

What would have happened if French And Not British Ruled India? 

Have you imagined what if India was ruled by any other country other than British? Though it has been ages since British people left India, they made a huge influence on the people over here back in time that even today we have those genes in us. British have imposed many rules on Indians and made many changes to the administrative policies of then India.  What if it was France and not British people that ruled us?  Let us see!

  1. No development under colonial rule

France has a history of being bad at ruling in their colonies which is opposite to what Britishers does. In the 19th century, France invested 6% in their empire while Britain invested 22%. This itself made a huge difference. British also introduced railways to India.

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  1. French culture

French people are very fond of their national and cultural identity while Britishers take a step back in that aspect. If France were to rule India, their traditions and culture would have impacted Indians greatly. We would have been quite fashionable compared to what we are today. They are also passionate about Cinema, which is there in our blood itself.

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  1. Snails as food

The one thing that makes Indians feel worst from the stomach is that French people eat snails, oysters and rabbits.  One of the top dishes they eat is shorshe rabbit.


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  1. Less interference in local governance

Though French ruled over the nation, it left the local kings to rule their own towns and cities without interfering.  Though they allowed the kings to rule freely, they didn’t allow them to have full control of finances, security and defences. This would have reduced the rate of violence in India.

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  1. Free of colonial rule earlier

French are not that capable of ruling a nation like India while British with intelligent governance and man-power have the ability to rule India for 2 centuries. It would have been much easier for Indians to oust French compared to British.

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  1. English wouldn’t be of primary importance

For Indians, English has become a prime language. It is dominating local languages, but still if French would have been our official language, it would have been hard for us to carry discussions on business and politics.

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  1. No cricket for India

If France would have ruled us, we wouldn’t end up playing cricket at all. We wouldn’t get the chance to meet the God of cricket. If it is France, we would have now been into soccer, athletics, cycling, etc.

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So, do you have any additions to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, May 17 - 11:11 AM

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