7 Countries That Produce The Most Plastic Waste In The World

Plastic has turned out to be a big curse to the planet.  Recently, a pilot whale died due to consumption of 17 pounds of plastic in the sea.  Not just the living areas, but even the oceans are being filled with tons of plastic waste resulting in the death of sea creatures.  We must know that sea gifts us with what we gifted it with.  We are conveniently throwing plastic into it and it is obvious that it goes nowhere and comes back to us again.

Here are the 7 countries that produce the most plastic waste in the world.

  1. China

China has been the hub of garbage for many years as it is an importer of it.  However, Beijing banned 24 types of scraps from entering its borders starting January. The ban is being hailed as a massive contribution in global green efforts by environmentalists.  Out of the five million tons of the eight million tons of plastic entering the sea each year comes via China.

  1. Indonesia

A diver recently swam and dived in Indonesia and shared a disheartening video. “The ocean currents brought us in a lovely gift of a slick of jellyfish, plankton, leaves, branches, fronds, sticks, etc ... Oh, and some plastic,” he wrote in the video’s caption.  Indonesia is worst in the world when it comes to plastic waste management.  It refers averaged 25.6 plastic pieces per 100sq m.

  1. UK

UK has a huge tole to play in the world being swamped with plastic waste.  It used to import all it's waste to China, but as China has banned it, it is in big trouble now.  Its plastic is now going to shoot up dramatically by over a million tonnes by 2030 as per WWF.

  1. Philippines

The Philippines is one of the 5 countries that produce half of the world's plastic waste. Data from the  2015 study "Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean" shows that the Philippines wastes 6,237,653 kg (6875.84 tons) of plastic per day, of which 81% is mismanaged, claims UN.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is worst at managing plastic waste.  It also is the top consumers of plastic in the world. The dead whale incident is the example of the countries poor plastic management.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is also the largest producer of plastic.  Starting from Plastic helmets, plastic furniture and the plastic leg it has waste in the form of plastic bags and bottles.

  1. Russia

Russia produces 200 million tons of garbage every year.  With the increase of middle-class families in the country people end up buying things made of plastic that are cheap.

It's time that we take some action before it's too late!

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 10 - 12:22 PM

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