With 7% Body Fat And 50% Muscle Mass, Cristiano Ronaldo Is Fitter Than Majority Of Male Athletes

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and valuable athletes in the world. The legend has many records to his name.

The ex-Real Madrid football star is known for his fitness. Once he managed to jump as high as 2.8m to score a goal. The Juventus player is very conscious about his fitness and is often appreciated for his great physique and stamina.

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In a recent routine medical test conducted on Cristiano Ronaldo before he plays for Juventus, it is revealed that he is fitter than the majority of his teammates and even more fit than some 20-year-old healthy youngsters.

The reports state that he has only 7% body fat and 50% muscle mass, which is one of the best for any footballer in the world. His 7% body fat is better than average of 10-15% of the majority of professional footballers. The 50% muscle mass is better than 40-45% muscle mass of other players in his age group.

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Some reports stated that at the age of 33, the star footballer had run 33.98km which is fastest this year in the FIFA World Cup.

Ronaldo was recently in the news as he gave a tip of Rs.16 Lakh to the staff of a luxury resort where he had stayed for his vacations.

Ronaldo, after playing for years for Real Madrid will now play for Juventus. Ronaldo's fitness reports are probably the best news for the Juventus team.

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Cristiano has always been an inspiration to millions of people around the world for his looks, physique, playing style and also for the kind human being he is.

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