4 Typical Things Happening In Every Indian Household Which You Majorly Disapprove But Have To Obey 

Indians know how to tackle the most serious situations in the smartest way. The word ‘jugaad’ which means some coolest hacks to deal with the situation are in their genes.

Also, this type of behavior is seen in every Indian household whether they are rich or poor and they swear by following these rules. But the worst part is that the other family members too are expected to follow this which is really annoying.

In this interesting article, let us reveal you some of the famous hacks or jugaad which all the Indians swear by and their lives are sorted ever after, after using these tactics that too on daily basis.

  1. Using mattress for other use apart from its actual use

We don’t need to tell you the use of mattress but Indians know how to use each and every product in multiple ways. Apart from the actual use of the mattresses, they are used for stocking hundreds of plastic bags which are neatly folded and kept under them for future use. You see, because Indians “Badi Door Ki Sochte Hai”.

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  1. Homely remedies for every single problem in the world, especially health remedies

The nani and dadi ke nuske have saved so many from spending several grands which a doctor charges. Have any health issue, your nani and dadi are there to your rescue! But sometimes, they get you sorted with such issues within minutes.

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  1. The forever bargain of asking the sabjiwala for extra dhaniya and mirchi

Bhajiwalas or the vegetable vendor will have a tough time to escape from this situation. There is no lady in the country who forgets to ask for extra coriander and green chillies. Also, when they send their kids to get the veggies, there’s a special mention saying, “Bhaiyya ko bolna extra dhaniya mirchi de yaad se”

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  1. Saving all the dabbas or plastic bags until forever

The dabbas that we get from restaurants after ordering food, the gift wrappers, the online bags which are neatly packed, each of them are utilized to the fullest till they are not in a condition to die. Say why, “Sabke paise vasool hone chahiye”. Also, the other members who are not interested in saving such stuff are taught the importance and given training to use them effectively.

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We are sure you must have gone through these things almost every alternate day.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 25 - 04:25 PM

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