TV Actresses Who Are Seen As Successfully Doctors In Daily Soaps And Inspiring Girls

Times have changed now when there were specific things which only boys or men used to do and not women. But now, there’s equality in everything. Be it taking up jobs which earlier only men used to do, today even women do it. Like being a pilot, an engineer, astronaut, wrestler, or even a doctor.

Well, these changes in real life are highly inspired by what we see onscreen in movies, TV shows or other inspirational shows. Trust me, people really get inspired by these fictional shows and they try to inculcate the same in their real life which is simply great.

TV shows are generally women-centric and revolve around them. Even before we had such shows but the content was not that bold and powerful, but now it is.

We see so many women-centric shows where the female lead play a significant role and she is not just portrayed as a housewife but she has a great motive which keeps her going. Either she is a successful actress or model, or a businesswoman or a doctor or doing something which makes herself feel independent.

Well, these days there are a many shows where the female protagonist is shown as a successful doctor. The role which they portray shows their struggle of taking up such a reputed profession and managing it in a great manner in spite of various obstacles. This is highly inspirational.

So here, let’s take a look at some of the famous roles of doctors played by actresses onscreen which are a great inspirational.

Divyanka has already won hearts with her role as Ishita who is also a dentist. But what makes her character more special is the way she handles her personal and professional life in the show. She is not just a responsible housewife but also a great doctor.

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Yogita plays a doctor in the show and fulfills all her responsibility of being one. With all her love, she will one day make Ritvik realize what love is.

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The bubbly actress plays a gynecologist on the show and she constantly struggles between her work and personal life which is every working woman’s problem.

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The actress plays a physiotherapist on the show and she is always there to help her family members during their trouble times.

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She fulfills her mother’s dream and become a successful doctor and also how she struggled to get through with various obstacles.


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These characters have been highly inspirational to many girls.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jul 05 - 12:05 PM

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