Statements By Baba Ramdev Which Will Make You Laugh And Angry At Same Time

Baba Ramdev is one of the most influential personalities of our country. He is the one who influenced people to change their lifestyle and do yoga but he has also grabbed headlines for many wrong reasons in the past.

Here are 6 Statements By Baba Ramdev Which Will Make You Laugh And Angry At Same Time:


  1. “Jitne bhi mansahaari jeev hai, sab jeebh se paani peete hai, kutta ho, billi ho, sher ho, jiss din tum jeebh se paani pi sako samajh lena tum mansaahari ho”
  2. With this statement, he is directly or indirectlytaunting to the non-vegetarians or the ones whowant to consume non-veg stuff. His statement was

    hilarious but a dumb one.

    1. “Murgi ke aage se nikalta hai anda ya piche se?

    Aur jo piche se nikle wo goo hi hua na?

    Agar murgi ke goo mein protein hai, toh teri wali mein to vitamin bhi hote honge”

    Now this was super funny and LOL-worthy but

    gross at the same time. Well, rest in peace logic is

    all what I can say!

    1. Apne bachchon ko 8-12 ghante padhne ka, 1 ghanta yog karne ka, 6 ghante sone ka, aur 18 ghante unko honesty ke saath apna kaam karne ka abhyaas daaliye. Main 9 saal ki umar se aaj takk 18 ghante kaam karta hun.”

    With this, he is trying to prove that he is a

    superman who works 18 hours a day. Give me a

    break man, what kind of life you are living then?

    1. “Mujhe tablet ka matlab goli pata tha, jab meine suna sab ke paas tablet hai, meine pucha sab bimar ho gaye kya?”

    Baba is also filled with all innocence, but sorry Baba

    this one doesn’t work as “Bacha Bacha Janta Hai

    Tablet Ka Dusra Matlab Kya Hota Hai”

    1. “Sone mein kaise sote hain? Aise Sote Hain, ya aise sote hain, Seedhe bhi soyenge toh aise soyenge.”

    Now why the hell Ramdev Baba has a problem with

    everyone’s style? It’s their bed and their style, none

    of his business! I know what you are trying to

    recollect after ready the line before this one! LOL

    1. “Woh 5 star kar ke chocolate nikaalte the toh humne nikali superstar. Khaane mein itni tasty hain. Yog karke bhook lage toh aise kholo au raise kha jao. Bohot zordaar mamla hai.”

    Baba thinks adding his own flavor to the most

    beautiful thing such a chocolate is pretty cool but

    it’s not. Baba, please don’t mess with it!

Baba Ramdev and his products branded as Patanjali have invaded the market and people have become a huge fan of these natural and ayurvedic products. Well, these were just a few instances which we shared with you about Baba Ramdev. We will surely get you more fun stuff in future.

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by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 26 - 05:39 PM

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