5 Celebs Who Missed Sonam Ki Shaadi Because They Were At Anitila Attending Isha Ambani’s Engagement

This is what happens when celebs get two event invites on the same day and for the functions which are of equal importance. It is difficult for one to attend both the events which are at different ends of the city.

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Two huge events happening at the same time, Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja's wedding and Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal's engagement.

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Here are 5 celebrities who were in a dilemma and finally ended up being at Ambani's place rather than Sonam's. Or maybe they weren't invited for Sonam ki shaadi.

Whatever the reason, they were at the most important event.

Here are the celebs who chose Ambani's over Kapoor's

Sachin Tendulkar

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It is so damn obvious that Sachin would be here. Whenever Nita Ambani is at a Mumbai Indian's match, Sachin Tendulkar is also there. He does have a lot of free time on his hands now because he has retired from cricket. The two things he has in abundance right now are time and money. So, now it is his choice to have a leisure time as well.

Aamir Khan

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This man has kept a low profile in Bollywood since quiet some time now. This makes such men more special and their appearances in events more shocking and stunning. It is true that Aamir Khan chose to come out in public last night for Isha Ambani's engagement. No one was aware that they shared a connection.

Ranbir Kapoor

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For the second day in a row, Ranbir Kapoor has skipped Sonam ki shaadi. He wasn't there for the pre-wedding celebrations and was not present at the wedding too. However, he attended the reception with Alia Bhatt.

Shah Rukh Khan

Unlike Aamir, this man really doesn't like being clicked by the shutterbugs. He also chose Ambani's over Kapoor's. It's like SRK doesn't want anyone to know he was at a rival IPL team owners daughter's wedding.

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Karan Johar

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Karan Johar attended the sangeet ceremony and then directly headed at this event. There was no paparazzi needed here as Karan posted a pic on his Instagram.

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