3 Idiots – A Movie Which Continues To Teach Important Lessons To Students In 2018

3 Idiots was a movie which tried to change and challenge the education system in our country. Especially engineering because engineering is no longer a dignified course to take in our country only. Outside the country, engineers are treated like gems and paid much more. In our country, there are cases when even a driver of Uber earns more than a graduated engineer.

According to Infosys co-founder, Narayan Murthy, 80% Indian youngsters are not trained for any jobs. Reports say that every year, 60%  to 70% of engineering graduates stay unemployed. Majority of remaining employed engineers do odd jobs which just pays something no matter if it has nothing to do with engineering. Remaining get some decent job or go for masters.

3 Idiots threw a bright light on flaws of our system, it won people's heart but nothing in the system changed. Here is why we all should watch the film again in 2018.

Out Of Box Thinking

3 idiots suggested out of box thinking is important. It is not important what the majority think if you are right you should speak it up.

In 3 Idiots, when Rancho (Aamir Khan) asks Viru Shahstara Buddhe aka Virus about why didn't astronauts use a pencil instead of a costly fountain pen, Viru is stumped out and says that he will get back on it later. That is what an engineer should be, out of the box thinker.

Mugging Up Is The Cause Of Problems

Our generation believes in mugging up everything. 3 Idiots taught why it is important to understand things instead of mugging up everything.

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Who doesn't remember the iconic speech by 'Silencer'? The words were manipulated by Rancho so that Raju understands why it is important to understand what you study.

Do What You Love

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Raju and Farhan didn't like their subjects so they were always last. Raju always wanted to do other work and Farhan was interested in Photography but their parents didn't agree so they chose to engineer, like most of the students now.

Rancho convinced them to give their dreams a try, both Raju and Farhan then excelled in their favourite career.


Friendship is the pillar of survival in engineering. It is very important to make the right friends, not the best ones.

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