3 Bulaye 13 Aaye, A Poem Penned Down By Atal Bihari Vajpayee Is Worth A Read

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was an Indian politician. He served thrice as the Prime Minister of India. The first term was of 13 days in 1996. The second was for a period of eleven months from 1998 to 1999. And then for a full term from 1999 to 2004.

As we all know his fondness for poems and literature.

Here is a compilation of the same.

Have a look:

1. History can be changed, Not Geography (1999):

During his Lahore visit, he gave a speech at the Governor House.

Vajpayee had said:

'You can change friends, not neighbours. History can be changed, not geography."

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2. Called 3, 13 came; Pour water in dal (1979):

Atalji was in Agra. At that time, the dal crisis was going on. He said the dal is also like me.

If guests arrive at home then the situation is like:

"Called 3, 13 came; Pour water in dal"

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3. By being largely dishonoured, We came out of your hold (1985):

Accepting his defeat after losing by 45 thousand votes in Gwalior, he said - Congratulations to Sindhiyaji!

While speaking to the supporters, he said:

"Bhuke Bhajan Na Hoye Gopala, Chal Chale Chambal Ki Shala"

This was said because his supporters were hungry and thirsty for a long time too.

He added:

"By being largely dishonoured, We came out of your hold"

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4. Bhajan Lal went to do Kirtan with the entire Bhajan Mandal in Congress (1980):

Bhajan Lal along with the entire cabinet joined the Congress.

At that time, he said:

"Bhajan Lal went to do Kirtan with the entire Bhajan Mandal in Congress"

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5. A woman is number one, all others are criminals (Dus Numabri) (1975):

On becoming a part of Congress, Atalji said something to Indira.

After the Emergency, Congress party in the number two position said that:

"Indira Gandhi is number one, who is number two? Only number one, who is number two, woman number one, all others are criminals."

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6. Does anyone shake a leg while giving a speech:

Once upon a time, Indira Gandhi had criticized Atalji.

She said:

" He shakes his hands a lot while talking"

To this, Atalji said:

"That is fine, have ever seen someone shaking their leg while talking?"

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