22-Year-Old Student From Bengaluru Pockets Rs 1.2 Crore Annual Package At Google

A 22-year-old coder named Aditya Paliwal, who has done M.Tech course in Computer Science at the International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore (IIIT-B), bagged a high-paying job at Google with an annual package of Rs 1.2 crore.

Now, Aditya will work with Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) research division in the city of New York and will start his job on July 16.

Aditya got his convocation certificate in IIIT-B’s 18th convocation ceremonial that took place on July 08.

He got introduced to coding in 8th standard, but he stated that at that moment it was a passive curiosity. It stayed the same till the time he secured a seat in IIIT-B.

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“So after coming into the college, the curriculum and the environment made the passive interest grow into an active interest,” he said.

While giving details about the course, Aditya told media people, “It’s open to all students across the world and you apply with your resume along with a Statement of Purpose and a recommendation letter. Based on this they shortlist you, and there are subsequent rounds of interviews and at the end of it, you get the job.”

“Usually, after a CS degree, people get a proper engineering job but this is a job in the research domain. So more than common problems, it is more about trying to solve open problems and shortlisting potential future problems and finding answers to them,” he said.

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AI is also his favourite subject.

“I had a couple of papers and after AI came, I felt like that the field is progressing rapidly and I got the confidence that with a little bit of effort in research we can do a lot more in the future,” he stated.

But according to the boy, his concentration was never on the work he would acquire after completing his five years study, however on learning things in a proper manner.

“I never worried about it (getting a job) too much. I knew I would always have one year at the end of the course to prepare to refocus on employment tests. So the focus was mostly on learning as many things as possible and meeting interesting people and ideas. The goal was to develop new interests and master a few,” Aditya added.

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Aditya told media people, “I got the offer in March and I was waiting for it. I’m really happy and I hope to learn as many things I can during my tenure at Google.”

When questioned regarding his 5 year long stay in the city of Bengaluru, Aditya answered, “Overall, it was a very good experience. My teachers encouraged me to do better and also supported the innovative ideas. My seniors also played crucial role.”

In addition to programming, the hard working guy loves driving and is really passionate about sports including football and cricket.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jul 09 - 01:27 PM

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