This 19 year old model with autism tells us Nothing is Impossible if u have the zeal to do it

The universe of modelling has dependably been the one to break the stereotypes first. From dull complexion models like Naomi Campbell becoming well known to ladies with vitilo infection, the modelling field has always been more modern to what the world presently live in.

This field has witnessed a number of successful people, who have achieved their dreams suffering most bad times in their lives.

One such amazing and person who inspire model is a 19-year-old, Pranav Bakhshi has turned into the main male model with autism to walk the ramp breaking the fantasy that the modelling careers aren't for individuals like him. His agonizing eyes,defined jawline, his height and dashing looks are all the pre-requsites that one should be a model.

Pranav's profile in his Instagram record says that autism is his superpower and he additionally posses a love for photography and golf. The New Delhi based model is also a hard core fitness freak and he continuously posts his exercise sessions on his social media platforms.

Pranav who walks the ramp for International brands is also very famous amongst some well known brands in India.

Pranav has of late signed Ninja Model Management which is one of the main modelling agencies in India. He is heading towards his dream of walking for big brands .

Pranav has 40 percent autism. In addition to autism he also has echolalia. It is where one repeats all that what others state.

This brave lad is just unstoppable and will not let anything that would stop him achieving his goals.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Jun 03 - 02:03 PM

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