17 Y.O Komalika Bari Wins Gold in recurve cadet women’s final at World Youth Archery Championship

India's Komalika Bari defeated Japan's Waka Sonodo in the recurve cadet women’s final at the 2019 World Archery Youth Championships in Madrid to win her first major event and become the third Indian archer to hold a world title.

“I’m feeling very nice because I won the world champs,” she said. “It's also because of my coaches, they are very important," said Bari after winning 2 Golds and 1 Bronze for her nation.

Bari is the second Indian archer to become world champion in the under-18 recurve women’s category. Deepika Kumari held the title in 2009 – and then won the junior (under 21) gold in 2011. India has had one other world champion archer. Palton Hansda won gold in the compound junior men’s event at the 2006 World Archery Youth Championships in Merida, Mexico.

Coming back to the lady of the moment, Bari was impressive in her final next to Madrid’s Royal Palace.

Her father was emphatic after knowing the feat Komalika had achieved. Speaking to reporters, he said that they had sent their daughter to the archery academy so that she could maintain her fitness, little did they know, their daughter would take up archery as her career.

Bari's father further added that in order to help her daughter practice, the family had to sell their home, only then she could buy the expensive gear required in archery and thus compete at the Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur. Komalika's mother works at a primary school and it was her decision to send the World Champion into archery.

She adds that the sport of Archery does not injure athletes physically which is why she supported Bari's entry into Archery and now their hopes have been rewarded with fruits.

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