15 News Which Are Extremely Offbeat For The World But Very Common For Indians

India is country with some beautiful monuments and mind-blowing culture which will leave the world awestruck.

Also, the people here are quite different and have a completely different living style.

India is not just a unique place but also a weird one. Wondering why I am saying this? Then take a look at some of the 'bizarre incidents' that were reported and people surely questioned the sanity of our country. These incidents will surely take you by surprise and also make you laugh at the same time.

Seems this man has quite a lot of money but surely has found a bizarre way to impress women.

Not just the humans but also animals are way too strange in India and this parrot proved it.

Seems animals should also be charged for rash driving and punished for such offence.

This bride is definitely a sophisticated one or doesn’t like a dancing hubby. Maybe the groom should have tried doing a pole dance! LOL!

Indians know how to make use of waste too…but we didn’t think they will also tend to store human waste. That’s too gross.

For the first time, politics led to the separation of a couple. As we all know, politics is just too bad!

This lady has definitely got guts to give such a reason for not showing off to work. Hats off to women! You go, girl!

We all know politicians are uneducated but Tripura CM is a live example.

Women are known to be the most powerful humans but this woman took this thing too seriously and also misused her power of being a woman. Shameful!

This Godman thinks he is a God and it is way too easy to kidnap these three super Khans.

How can someone get raped by eating Chowmein? RIP logic!

How can such a sweet thing lead to a sad ending? But its India after all, anything can happen here!

Say no to chicken biryani. If you wanna have chicken biryani then no wedding! Because that’s our swag!

Salute to this bride who took the right decision but at the wrong time!

This man has crossed all the limits of being wild. All the snakes, beware of him your lives are in danger!

So folks, what do you have to say about these strangest happenings that occurred in India? Share your views with us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 19 - 04:13 PM

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