The 14 most beautiful ‘Rail Routes’ of India for all the nature lovers

For people who love travelling in trains or couldn't bear the expenses of flights, here's a guide to the 14 most beautiful train routes. These train journeys give an ecstatic view of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the country.

1- 'Mettupulayam-Ooty' route:

The very first in the list is 'Mettupulayam-Ooty' route which gives the most eye soothing views in the journey. Keeping the beautiful scenery in mind the train's interior also gives an old school feel.

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2- 'Jaisalmer-Jodhpur Route':

The 'Jaisalmer-Jodhpur Route' gives a terrific view of desert in Rajasthan.

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3- Mumbai -Pune route:

The western ghats and rain forests with many waterfalls attract many travellers for 'Mumbai-Pune' journey via train.

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4- Rameswaram Rail Route:

Talking about the 'Rameswaram Rail Route' which is used in many movies gives a view of clear sea water.

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5- Kalka-Shimla Route:

The 'Kalka-Shimla Route' with mountains on one side and valley on the other looks magnificent especially in winters. It is the time when the whole route is covered with snow.

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6- Darjeeling-Himalayan Route:

The 'Darjeeling-Himalayan Route' which is always on top list of travelers gives a feeling of visiting heaven with the most beautiful scenes throughout the journey.

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7- Nilgiri-Ooty Route:

Ooty itself is a majestic place but the different routes to reach this place too make the journey worth enjoying. The 'Nilgiri-Ooty Route' is spectacular with lush green forests and clear blue sky.

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8- Jammu-Baramulla route:

'Jammu-Baramulla route' gives the pleasure of watching scenic beauty of clouds cuddling the mountains .

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9- Mumbai-Goa route:

And who can miss Goa when the discussion is about travelling in India. The 'Mumbai-Goa Route' is much better in train than flight.

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10- Bangalore-Kanyakumari Route:

The 'Bangalore-Kanyakumari Route' on blue sea water is like a dream.

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11- Bhubaneshwar-Brahmapur Route:

The 'Bhubaneshwar-Brahmapur Route' gives a beautiful view with lush green Malyadri on one side and serene Chilka Lake on the other.

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12- Koraput-Rayagada Route:

The 'Koraput-Rayagada Route' shows the natural beauty of Orrisa.

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13- Guwahati-Silchar Route:

Another journey in the north states that gives a scenic view in the lush green forests is 'Guwahati-Silchar Route'.

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14- Jammu-Udhampur Route:

Last but not the least, 'Jammu-Udhampur Route' is a bit different from rest of the routes. It is built very high above the ground and gives a breathtaking natural view.

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How many have you travelled so far?

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