12 YO Girl Was Born Without Hands But Does All Normal Work, Proves Nothing Is Impossible

We all want to have everything perfect in our lives, be it the smallest thing. If we don't have, we regret about it every second and sometimes even blame God. But there are some people who are not blessed with everything yet their spirits have no bound. They go with the flow and live a happy life.

The best example of the above explanation is about a 12-year-old girl named Subhadra Tungo is unfortunately born without hands. However, instead of regretting and wasting her life doing nothing, she does everything which a normal person can do.

She does all her daily household activities using her feet. Yes, you read it right!

Subhadra can brush her hair, eat with the spoon, write and even cut vegetables using her feet. No, we are not kidding but she can actually do this which a normal person can't do using their feet.

The girl lives with her family in Odisha's Mayurbhanj district but her disability did not stop her from living a normal life. Although she wore prosthetic limbs initially, she decided to do without it and use her feet instead.

Subhadra who studies in class 8 in the school nearby her house said, "I do not feel any sorrow, as there is no work I cannot do. People use their hands for all their work, I do the same with my feet."

Tungo's father was initially amused by seeing his daughter using her feet to do all the work and said, "People often ask, how did you teach her to do all the tasks with her feet? But we did not teach her anything, she learned on her own."

Subhadra told that her friends and classmates used to make fun of her initially for her condition and she had almost lost her confidence. However, she said that eventually, the students began to accept her the way she is and supported her.

The brave girl Subhadra has been awarded several prizes at the block and district levels.

Salute to Subhadra's spirits as she is an inspiration to many!


by Admin | Mon, Sep 03 - 12:07 PM

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