100-YO yoga teacher, who start practicing at 7 in India, has no plans to stop practicing and teaching

Age is just a number for well known 100-year-old yoga coach, Tao Porchon-Lynch. Yes, at 100, she has no plans to stop practicing and teaching.

The Padma Shri Award-winning yoga teacher from the city of New York stated that for the first time, she came across the ancient practice when she was just 7 in her native India.

Of Indian and French descent, Ms Porchon-Lynch saw a group of males doing yogic exercises on seashore, and was spellbound.

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When Ms Porchon-Lynch’s aunt told her that the steps or movements were not "ladylike," she answered, "If boys can do it, I can do it."

When she reach her teen age, she was already a yoga teacher.

"Yoga can be the joy of life, and it's not just about putting our bodies into specific postures," she said in an interview. "It's about expressing what comes from inside of you and showing up when you meet other people to create a oneness."

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Today, in spite of four hip replacement surgeries, she is relentless. Not only yogic workouts, she also perform ballroom dancing at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

"I don't feel any different now that I've turned 100. I'm not even scared. And I'll never stop practicing yoga - it's the dance of life!" she finished off.

"The breath is teaching us - listen to it," she says.

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"Feel your lungs expand outward, stretch your hands up towards the ceiling and feel the energy there. Breathe in the breath of life and breathe out peace."

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, Apr 24 - 12:00 PM

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