In 10 years, no boys were born in this Polish village

Miejsce Odrzanskie, a tiny village in Poland, has become an interesting source for media people over the past fortnight. Its strange population anomaly is what brought this small village to the international media attention.

As per the reports, it has almost been a decade since a boy child was born in this village. The last 12 babies born in the past decades are baby girls. The mayor of this region was seen stating that there has been a lot of scientific interest behind the same and geneticists are really exploring the reason behind this phenomenon. He has also been discussing about some other unscientific advice that has been given to the residents of the towns, which includes changing the diet of the mother, keeping an axe under their marital bed etc.


But, one of the most sensible suggestions mentioned so far is that this phenomenon is just a mere statistical coincidence. Similar to a coin toss, the birth also has two equal likely results. Hence, the probability of a baby girl is 1/2. As per the probability theory, the chances of having a girl in a row is ½ x ½ = (½)2 = ¼. Therefore, the probability of 12 consecutive girl child that are being born in Miejsce Odrzanskie is (½)12 = 1/4096. This probability really sounds unlikely in isolation. If we were told that there was a one in 4000 chance of rain tomorrow, then you might not be bothered about taking your umbrella with you.


As per the experts, there is nothing about this small village in Poland, and it would still grab the international media attention, if it had happened in Hungary or Lithuania also. It would also have grabbed the attention of the international media, if all the last 12 babies were boys.

Another reason is that Miejsce Odrzanskie is a village with a population of just 272 people and the birth rate is not more than one per year. Hence, the birth of 12 consecutive babies run over a decade and this is why it caught the international attention. In a city like Glasgow, there were 6852 babies that were born in 2017 and it comes at 19 per day. If it had 12 girls that were born in a row, no one would have noticed it.

by Ricky Tandon | Sat, Aug 24 - 12:52 PM

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