10-Year Old Girl Born without Hands Wins National Handwriting Competition out of Strong Determination

Usually, God provides an amazing ability for people who have a physical inability. Here is a 10-year old girl who was born without hands wins National Handwriting Competition. Her name is Sara Hinesley and she turned out to become highly popular for her strong willpower and determination. She has the ability to paint, draw and sculpt clay.

Besides this, Sara can even write English and Mandarin. Soon after learning the way to write in cursive this year, Sara felt that it's pretty easy to write in cursive. Cheryl Churilla, 3rd class teacher of this 10-year old student says, Sara doesn't say 'I can't'. She is currently studying her 3rd Grade at St. John's Regional Catholic School in Frederick, Md.

In recent times, she won the 2019 Nicholas Maxim Award for her stunning cursive handwriting. During a competition, she even won an annual award. Even she doesn't have hands; Sara never ever made use of a substitute for writing. She declines to receive assistance from others. She has strong confidence in her that she can do any specific task without any issue.


She has a unique manner of fulfilling some of her tasks. In order to write, she holds a pencil between her arms and emphasizes on the alphabetical shapes, each and every point and the curve. Sara considers cursive writing as the creation of an artwork. For 4 years, Sara has been living in the United States. Sara originally came from China in the year 2015 in order to associate with her new family.

She has outstanding grasping power as she could easily learn English. On 13th June, Sara will get the National Award Trophy for her victory in the handwriting competition during an award ceremony. Besides this, Sara also acquired a cash prize of $500.

by Mamatha Reddy | Wed, Apr 24 - 11:02 AM

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