10 special things about Ooty that makes it a matchless place to visit

There are a lot of places in India to enjoy the special time with family and friends, however, not all the places have the special features like Ooty.

Read the special 10 points, which will turn this place one of the most pleasing places to enjoy:

  1. Fresh Air

If you want to feel fresh, visit Ooty. It boasts of such a natural excitement about it, particularly the pollution-free fresh air.

  1. A Great Place to relax

Ooty is one of the tranquil places in the country. You could remain inside, enjoy the roads or sit on the grass …it doesn’t matter.

  1. Mountain view

Ooty is unquestionably one of the most stunning places to be, however, it’s not just for flora and fauna. A view of the mountains with a cup of hot tea during the morning, among the clouds, would send any person into a condition of joy.

  1. The climate conditions

The climate in the city is the top notch reason why people visit Ooty. It is always cloudy, raining or chilly cold. To enjoy Ooty at its best, visit the place in winter.

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  1. Tons of boat rides

The special boat rides are also the best ones. The lakes introduce you about the in and around of the beautiful city.

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  1. Botanical Gardens

The huge varieties of flora and fauna will make amaze you and crave for more.

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  1. Schools

The place boasts of the top notch and most creatively designed schools in the country. They’re a special reason for happiness when you visit them during any time of the day.

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  1. Lack of people

If you want to spend some good time away from the loud, crammed full places then you must come to Ooty. The complete lack of people turns it appears as a special place to enjoy.

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  1. Food and stay

The place has the best hotels as well as eateries all over, probably as it’s such a popular place for tourists to enjoy. It’s crammed with foreign persons all through the year.

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  1. Homemade chocolates

This special place boasts of the top-notch homemade chocolates in the country. You must but these pleasures for your friends and family.

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So folks, when are you planning your next trip to Ooty?

by Vijay Singh | Wed, May 09 - 05:10 PM

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