10 Strange Museums Of The World Which Can Boggle Your Mind 

Museums store historical, scientific or cultural artifacts to offer to everyone who take keen interest in these things. There will be thousands of museums in the world which showcases art, natural history, history and so on. Also, there are some weirdest museums in the world that expose the brilliant ideas and limitless creativity of the human minds. So, let's know about world's weirdest museums that you shouldn't miss to visit atleast once in your lifetime:

1. New Delhi, India : Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

A social activist and founder of Sulabh Sanitation established this museum in 1992. The museum by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak showcases toilet pots from 3000 BC to the 20 century. It shows the development of the etiquettes of sanitary situations of the world. The museum displays privies, chamber pots, decorated Victorian toilet seats, toilet furniture, bidets, and water closets in vogue since from 1145 AD to now.

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2. Iceland : Icelandic Phallological Museum

"It is probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens," the sentence is written on the museum's website. The institution teaches about the male sex organ. Without any pornography, one can admire 276 penises, from the tiniest hamster member (two millimeters) to the largest private parts of a sperm whale (1.7 meters).

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3. Guwahati, Assam, India : Mayong Black Magic and Witchcraft Museum

The museum is situated in Mayong village, known as the Land of Black Magic. People who visit the museum can learn about the origins of ‘tantra’. In the museum, locals give demonstrations of the ancient rituals of black magic. It also showcases stone statues, old coins, artificial jewelry made of bones and seashells and metallic rings, etc.

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4. China : Beijing Tap Water Museum

The museum took its shape from the former pipe-house situated in the center of Beijing. It showcases the ins and outs of tap water which includes 130 “real objects,” models and artifacts.

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5. Banglore, India :  Human Brain Museum

In 1995, the museum has been set up to promote research in neurobiology. The central government’s Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) jointly opened this museum which gets opened for the public only on Saturdays.

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6. England, British Lawnmower Museum

The Museum details the history of the push-powered garden tool. It showcases the first solar-powered robot grass-chopper, or the original mower itself, transformed from a contraption used to hem guards’ uniforms.

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7. Turkey : Avanos Hair Museum

The village Avanos is known for earthenware pottery and the museum exhibits hair collected from more than 16,000 women. A Potter Chez Galip created the caves of the bizarre Hair Museum and his studio's walls are covered with the world’s largest collection of hair gathered from more than 16,000 women.

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8. United States: International Cryptozoology Museum

The museum of Cryptozoology exhibits full-size art sculptures of monsters that have featured in cartoons shows or other shows. Cryptozoology is the study of mystical creatures and unverified animals but only fictional.

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9. Ahmedabad : Paldi Kite Museum

Bhanu Shah donated his collection of kites to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation which established this museum which exhibits rare kites from around the world.

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Well, never knew these museums existed!

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Aug 05 - 01:06 PM

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